Wine Professionals
& Wine Lovers

Wine Professionals


Wine Lovers

Learn how use your Wine English to:

  • Give a vineyard tour
  • Conduct a winery tour
  • Teach others the basics of tasting and describing wine
  • Market your brand at trade fairs
  • Sell your wine to your sales partners, at the cellar door or in the wine shop
  • Write wine back labels, wine information sheets and press releases
  • Guide and advise your restaurant clients on their wine choices

Learn how use your Wine English to:

  • Understand a vineyard tour
  • Follow a winery tour
  • Know how to taste and describe wines in English
  • Go behind the scenes and see how wine is marketed and sold
  • Buy wine at the cellar door and wine shop
  • Understand a wine’s back label and wine information sheets
  • Order wine in a restaurant