Chapter 4 – Wine Marketing

For wine professionals, being able to clearly communicate the message of what makes your brand unique, both when speaking and in writing is a key skill required for success in international markets. Being able to write documents such as wine fact sheets and press releases can help facilitate good communication between producers and all involved in the distribution chain, including the final customer.

Clearly communicating your Unique Selling Proposition or U.S.P. will help you to differentiate your brand from the many others who are competing in the same markets. Having written information available on your brand and your wines can help your sales partners to sell your wines and your final customers who may wish to have more information on the wines they are drinking. Having a vocabulary of marketing terms to draw from can help get business done more effectively.

This section is focussed on interviews with wine professionals who are experts in Public Relations (PR), in marketing and selling to the US and the UK and in exhibiting your wine at wine trade fairs. For wine professionals, the advice and vocabulary here can help them do business more effectively. For wine lovers, it offers a unique understanding into what it takes to create a successful international wine brand.