Chapter 2 - The Winery

Being able to understand and describe the winemaking process as well as the ability to link a winemaking decision to an expected result are important skills for this section.

As a wine lover, being able to talk about the wine making process will make your next winery tour that much more enjoyable because you will not only passively observe but actively participate in the tour. As a wine professional, knowing what to say and how to say it will give you the confidence to present exciting and informative cellar tours. Being able to show the connection between decisions in the winery to the taste and style of the resulting wine is rewarding for all involved. Being able to write about the process will enable you to create back labels, shelf talkers and wine fact sheets.

We will be following the steps of two winemakers from Chapter 1, Fred Loimer and Gianluca Grasso, as they make their two high quality single-vineyard wines from vineyard to bottle. The white wine is the Erste Lage (officially recognized as an outstanding vineyard) ’Spiegel’ Grüner Veltliner made by Loimer, from the Kamptal region in Lower Austria The red wine is the Barolo ‘Runcot’ from Elio Grasso of Barolo, Italy. It is a Riserva, which means it has spent at least 6 years in the cellar before release. Along the way, we will become familiar with the many options open to winemakers at each step of the process.