Who is this book for?

This book is designed for non-native speakers of English at the intermediate
level and above, who wish to communicate about wine as: students, professionals and wine lovers.

Read, Watch & Learn the English used in the wine industry from interviews with:

  • 40 World-class wine producers from 16 Countries
  • 8 Masters of Wine
  • And a host of wine professionals along the journey from Grapes to Glass
  • All compiled into this ground-breaking, interactive course-book along with 125 instructional videos


Mike Mazey

English Teacher, Wine Educator
and Lead Author

This project grew out of the two fields I have worked in so far in my career, winemaking and teaching English. Graduating with a degree in Oenology under my belt from the University of Adelaide, I then went on to work in both small, medium and very large wineries in Australia. I also worked briefly as a flying winemaker in the Czech Republic in 2004. It was in Moravia, the winemaking capital of the Czech Republic, working in a winery where nobody spoke English, that I met Petr Očenášek. He was my interpreter and constant companion during my first trip to the country. It was at that time that I made the decision to interrupt my career in the wine industry and move permanently to the Czech Republic to start teaching English.

Despite this surprising career change, I found that I really enjoyed the satisfaction of helping students learn their subject and this has continued to be my main occupation for the last 10 years. However, my heart kept calling me back to the wine industry during this time. I started presenting professional wine tastings in English in Brno, my second home, and it was not long before I met Pavlína Megová.

Pavlína Megová

Language School Owner, Concept Originator,
Investor, Project Director and Co-author

Pavlína is the founder and owner of MKM, one of the most reputed language schools in the Czech Republic. She has occupied this position for the last 20 years. As a Doctor of Law with a Masters degree in Business Administration, she is someone who lives a life of perpetual learning. The concept of the WineWords project originated with Pavlína. She is also the main investor and manager. She is passionate about the arts and food, and is an accomplished gastronome with a keen interest in wine. Pavlína and Mike’s collaboration began within an idea of teaching courses at the language school with a unique focus on “Wine English” for oenologists, viticulturists, vintners, sommeliers, and wine enthusiasts.

Vladimír Moškvan

Headmaster, Educational Director
and Co-author

Vladimír has spent most of his career at the forefront of education as both a teacher and headmaster of one of the most innovative Primary Schools in the country. Vladimír sees the world through the eyes of an experienced educator. He brought this experience with him to his second job as a Tourism Director for Znovín Znojmo, one of the leading wineries in the country. Since that time, the winery has enjoyed outstanding success in tourism, thanks to Vladimír’s efforts to engage with consumers and to offer them a memorable wine experience. Just as importantly, Vladimír also organizes overseas travel for the winery staff to show them a world beyond the local wine industry. Like Pavlína, he firmly believes that we should never stop learning in life but that learning should also be fun and enjoyable.

Vladimír has also cooperated with Hugh Johnson on his Pocket Wine Guide as well as The World Atlas of Wine. His keen insights into how to engage with consumers left a deep impression on me, and together with Pavlína, we decided he needed to be part of our team. We are grateful to him that he accepted our offer.

Petr Očenášek

Wine Broker, Business Co-ordinator
and Co-author

In the 10 years since last working together, Petr went on to be one of the most successful and highly-driven professionals in the business of selling wine and educating wine consumers. His background in Pedagogical studies, as well as in Hospitality and Tourism, no doubt helped his dramatic rise to the top. Having worked for a number of the top wineries as a Sales Manager, he is now a successful Wine Broker of local and international wines.