Producer Profile 2: Dr. Loosen — Light to Medium-bodied White Wines

Wines in this style tend to be:

  • Made from aromatic grape varieties such as Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. (although there are many exceptions to this, as you can see above)
  • From grapes harvested at low to medium levels of must weight
  • Dry, off-dry, semi-dry or semi-sweet

Wines in this style tend to have:

  • Lower to moderate levels of alcohol
  • Pronounced acidity and aroma, even if from more neutral grapes
  • Used production methods that emphasize clean, fruity aromas, such as:
    • Longer settling times and the use of enzymes to produce highly clarified musts
    • Fermentations at cooler temperatures to emphasize the produc tion of fruity aromas
    • Fermentations carried out by inoculated yeasts
    • Bentonite fining, to remove proteins and achieve heat stability
    • Chilling the wine to remove tartrate crystals to be cold stable

Wines in this style tend to avoid:

  • Very high levels of sugar ripeness in the grapes
  • Grapes with high levels of Botrytis infection, that may mask varietal character
  • Production techniques that may mask the fruity flavours, such as:
    • Malolactic fermentation
    • Barrel fermentation or barrel maturation
    • Lees contact and lees stirring