Chapter 1 - The Vineyard

This section is focused on three aspects of one of the most popular wine words used today: “terroir”. The vine’s interaction with the environment (climate and geography), the soil and the human management of the vine. Interviews with professionals from all over the world will help us learn about these interactions. We also examine 2 outstanding examples of vineyard management. We review the chapter by interviewing 2 wine makers, Fred Loimer and Elio Grasso. Their stories from vine to glass will be examined step-by-step in this and other chapters in Section 1 of this book.

The key skill of this unit is to understand and to give a vineyard tour. Being able to talk about what makes your vineyard unique is one of the keys to differentiating your wine brand from another. For wine lovers, visiting and being able to understand the key features of a region and its vineyards helps to build appreciation for, and cultivate a deeper understanding of the wine itself and adds a lot to the pleasure to the wine experience.